Catapult Ranking System Terms and Conditions



Additional integration applications will be required as part of the creation of your unique Catapult Ranking System including Zapier, 2 Manychat accounts and Clickfunnels. We do not collect payments for these applications. You will be required to set up your own accounts with each respective application. These applications can range between $10-$99/month for each.


In addition, we will be setting up Facebook Ads on your behalf in order to advertise the promotion and bring those interested into the Catapult Ranking System full-price funnel. The cost of these ads could range from $300 - $3000 for the life of each individual campaign (approximately 10-14 days), but could be more or less depending on the 6 keywords you would like to rank.


Although you are welcome to test smaller gift card amounts (up to 2 changes), the ranking system works best when the gift card covers 100% of the price of the product (in the form of an Amazon gift card). The total cost of these gift cards will depend on (1) the number of giveaways needed to rank the keywords you choose* and (2) the total amount of your gift card.

For example, let’s say your product retails for $20, you’re willing to offer a $20 gift card, and the recommended giveaway quantity is 30 over the length of the campaign (10-14 days) - you could expect to pay approximately $600 for the gift cards.

*You will have an option to change which keywords you would like to use if the giveaways needed to rank the top 6 keywords are above your budget.



The first payment acknowledges that this Service Agreement and Terms and Conditions contained herein is active and accepted by both parties.

This service is only for ONE PRODUCT and ONE BRAND. If you would like to add more products to your funnel or more images for your advertising, please send an email to [email protected]

The client must ensure that the product they would like to rank has an existing demand. If it does not, a ranking increase will not necessarily create an increase in sales.

Although unlikely, there is a chance that some customers may return the product and keep the gift card. AGM cannot guarantee that this will not occur.

AGM will provide a recommended daily advertising budget. This amount will be an average and will vary day to day depending on results. In other words, there may be some days where the total ad spend may be more in order to achieve the desired number of promotional sales needed to rank your product. There may also be days where the amount is less than the recommended ad spend.

All requests for changes and edits are required to be in writing. Thus, we ask all customers to please email any changes needed or desired.

All work will be performed as covered in this contractual agreement based on the information received at the time of sale. If additional work is required or requested outside of this written scope, whether discussed in the sales call or not, it will need to be quoted separately.

The client is responsible for picking 20 keywords they would like to rank using the Catapult System. AGM will research and determine the best 6 from this list.

AGM will send a proposal with the 6 best-proposed keywords, along with an estimated campaign cost amount. The client will have the option to change these keywords if the proposed expense amount is outside of the Client’s budget.

The 6 final keywords will each be ranked using a different method within Messenger that will depend on their starting rank position on Amazon.

The client is responsible for choosing the gift card value amount and purchasing the gift cards. The ranking system works best when the gift card covers 100% of the price of the product, but smaller amounts may be tested. The client will be allotted no more than 2 changes to Gift Card values. Also, as a note for consideration, the lower the gift card amount, the more costly the overall promotion will likely be.

The client must provide a high-resolution logo, as well as a minimum of two high-quality images of their product.

The client is responsible for starting, monitoring and ending the campaign associated with the Catapult System. AGM will build the necessary elements of this campaign and provide guides on how to properly start, run and end the campaign.

The client is also responsible for selecting their own targeted audiences as part of this campaign.

AGM will provide guidance, but will not be involved in the actual selection of the audience, starting the campaign, monitoring it, or stopping it.

The average campaign length is approximately 10-14 days but will vary from Client to Client depending on the product and chosen Keywords.

If Client opted for the payment plan option, the complete funnel and all related elements will not be delivered until the 3rd and final payment has been received (approximately 60 days after the first payment was made).

90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The Catapult System is guaranteed to rank the majority of your keywords (at least 4). If the chosen keywords do not increase in ranking, AGM will take over your account as an Agency and help you reach the expected results (4 keywords with improved ranking). This guarantee is valid for a full 3 months. This guarantee covers 90 days after all elements of the funnel are in motion. Although this is not a money-back guarantee, AGM will continue working on ranking your products until the desired results are achieved. This may require more ad spend and/or gift card purchases as necessary.


In the event that ManyChat, Facebook Messenger or Amazon make changes to their platform preventing the execution of the full-price funnel within the first 30 days of payment a full refund would be issued.

Liability Disclaimer
I, the Client, acknowledge and understand that the Catapult System has been successfully run across several brands including AGM's internal brands. It has proven to be an effective marketing strategy that introduces a wider audience to a brand using the power of social media. No evidence has been revealed that it violates Amazon's Terms and Conditions in any way. Regardless, there are many different factors and activities that an Amazon seller may do on a daily basis that is outside of AGM's control or awareness. Therefore, AGM is not responsible for any Amazon Seller account problems incurred before, during or after the Catapult System campaign. The Catapult System is solely intended to introduce a new product to the marketplace and/or revive, re-launch or create new awareness and visibility to existing products.

Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon are registered trademarks not associated with AGM Marketing 2.0.


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