Frequently Asked Questions

Does my purchase of the Facebook Masters Course include Lifetime Access?

Yes! As part of your purchase of the Facebook Masters Course, you will be given LIFETIME access to the 12 modules provided in the course, as well as all future updates. Facebook is an ever-changing platform and is constantly evolving, so Manuel has made it his responsibility to keep you up-to-date on these changes.

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What’s the Facebook Masters Course Refund Policy?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the course content.  As part of the course, we will be offering bonus content that will cover exclusive and powerful flows, funnels, ad templates and training material that Manuel’s own marketing agency (AGM) has created and used to successfully explode brands like Dr. Eric Berg. Due to the value of this bonus, you will no longer be eligible for a refund once you receive the bonus material.

Upon signing up for the Facebook Masters Course, you will be given the option to waive the refund policy to get immediate access to the bonus material. Otherwise, the bonus material will be made available to you after the 30-day mark. At this point, you will no longer be eligible for a refund.

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What are the main subjects covered on the Facebook Masters Course?

The Facebook Masters Course includes all of the inside tips, tricks, and exact procedures that Manuel has used to personally generate over 1.7 million in monthly Amazon sales, as well what his advertising agency (AGM) has used to grow brands like Dr. Berg, Body Health, Relax Slim, etc.  

The course starts by helping you establish the right mindset for success. After all, the wrong mindset can throw a wrench into your goals and dreams, no matter how perfect the steps to get there are. From there, Manuel helps you develop a strategy and a plan to implement it. He also covers how to create content and how to use the existing platforms to get your message and brand out into the world!

The course is organized in such a way to teach you everything you need to know in a gradient, step-by-step process. Manuel has turned a very complicated subject into a simple, "cut and paste" system that actually works.

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What type of business is this course intended for?

The Facebook Masters Course is for ANY type of business whether e-commerce or a brick and mortar store. No matter what you do or sell, the goal is to reach more people and generate more traffic. Furthermore, it's also important that you find out WHO to put your message in front of, which is also covered in this course. The fact is, we live in an era where communication is abundant and unlike ever before, we can truly reach potential customers in a big way!

There are over ONE BILLION active users on Facebook and some of them are just waiting to know more about you and what you offer. This course will teach you step-by-step how to create an effective strategy on Facebook and related platforms that help you capture the attention you need to grow your business.

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What’s the purpose of the Facebook Masters Facebook Group?

The Facebook Masters Facebook Group is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that are supporting each other along the way to ensure everyone keeps moving forward. It is essentially a support group of students that are all working towards becoming Facebook masters in their own right. Successes, tips, cutting edge strategies, discoveries and any questions you might have can be posted in this group. Manuel will also be there as much as possible to answer any questions or do the occasional Facebook Live Broadcast with updates, tips and more! The idea is to help one another grow and succeed!

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Do I get one-on-one access to Manuel?

No, but he will be very active with the community and will be sharing discoveries and answering questions actively. The course also includes its own dedicated customer service staff to answer your questions around the clock. If you've ever done any of Manuel's training or attended any of his seminars, workshops, podcasts, etc, you probably already know that he tends to over-deliver. This course is his greatest accomplishment and will be no different.

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Does the Facebook Masters have a payment plan?

At this time, the Facebook Masters course does not offer a payment plan option. There is simply too much value being provided up front with the main course. The content in this course has taken years of hard work, dedication, and trial and error, all of which has been worked out so that you can use it to easily grow your own brand.

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If I cancel the monthly Facebook Masters Internship Program program do I lose access to the Facebook Masters Course?

No, you do not lose access. Ever. With your initial payment, you will have Lifetime access to the Facebook Masters Course and any updates therein.

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If I cancel the monthly Facebook Masters Internship Program program do I lose access to the monthly training I was a part of ?

No. Any monthly training that you were a part of will remain active permanently inside your members area. 

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Can I activate the Facebook Masters Internship Program at any time?

Yes. The Facebook Masters Internship Program will be available to purchase by month or as a subscription at a discounted price. You can find out more here:

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Is the Facebook Masters Training Platform Mobile Friendly?

Yes! You can watch all of the videos in HD  on your mobile device, tablet or computer whenever or wherever you'd like!

Does the Facebook Masters Course have a customer service team to answer any questions I might have?

Yes! We have a dedicated team ready to help you with any bugs along the way. You can reach this team at any time by emailing [email protected] or by sending a message to the Facebook Marketing Ninja's Facebook page:

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Does the Facebook Masters team have a customer service team?

Yes! We have a dedicated team who are ready to help you with any bugs along the way. You can reach this team at any time by writing to [email protected] or by sending a message to the Facebook Marketing Ninja’s Facebook Page HERE

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What if I forget my Facebook Masters login information?

If you forget your login credentials, simply select “Forgot my password” on the login page to reset it.

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Can I add my spouse or business partner to the FB group?

As long as the person you'd like to add is an official business partner, you can request to have them added by emailing [email protected]. Valid documentation of the professional relationship will need to be provided in order for us to grant them access to the Facebook Masters FB Group.

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Once I pay for the course how do I get access?

Upon completion of your payment, you will be prompted to sign-in to the member's area of the course. Once inside, you'll have access to the main course as well as a resource section that includes helpful information for those ready to get started.

You will also receive a Welcome Email that will provide you with an overview of the Facebook Masters course and what to expect.

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Do I need any software or hardware to get started?

All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet, an internet connection and a strong desire to learn. There are no additional software or hardware requirements to do the course. Manuel will recommend some tools along the way (such as Clickfunnels or Camtasia), but they will all be optional.


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