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√ Our advertising agency's Top-Performing Ad Templates ($4,997 value) So you don't have to waste time reinventing the wheel, plug-and-play these ads and start making money today.

√ Our Top-Performing Sales Funnel Templates ($6497 value) so that you don't have to spend money on testing funnels that don't work. Use our proven funnels and save money and time by simply making a few edits to fit your own business.

√ Access to the original Facebook Masters course ($1,997 value) This course can make you an EXPERT when it comes to the Business Manager platform. With over 40 hours of content, you will learn how to run ads like a pro and not waste money on ads that don't convert. 

√ 100% instant access to all of Manuel’s past LIVE trainings. ($7,470 value) 80+ previous training, all indexed so that you can simply find the one that applies to you and get the exact training you want at the exact time you want it. No more wasting time on other subjects that may not apply to your business. 

√ Access to our exclusive coaching community for accountability and support with your fellow like-minded coaching students as well as account managers from Manuel’s own advertising agency.
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 50% off tech support. (Regular price $200 per hour) Save money and time by having our high-end support staff help you with advanced level integrations and any support service needed.

 50% off 1-on-1 sessions with Manuel “The Facebook Ninja” himself! (Regular price $3,000 per hour) Get a tailored made marketing strategy that when put into practice can help you generate tons of leads, grow your contact list, and sell your products. Yes, all coaching students have access to this service for half the retail price.




"I love nothing more than being able to provide information to others and watch them achieve their business and life dreams."


Many years ago, having already grown an eight figure business on Amazon, Manuel was forced to study the emerging field of Social Media Marketing in an effort to take things to the next level.

This quickly became an obsession, with Manuel diving deep into the intricacies of the Facebook, Instagram and Messenger family of platforms. From this sprung an agency and then, to meet demand for his services, the maiden launch of his Facebook Masters Course to over two hundred students and rave reviews.

Manuel Suárez is one of the few Facebook Certified professionals on the planet.

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"Manuel's training has given me foundational insights into how FB works and uses data - and how to take advantage of it ;) I feel much better equipped to play with the big dogs, heck, to outrun them by miles!!!"

Ben Steinhauer

"I am getting exactly what I wanted out of this course: getting into the driver’s seat and controlling how much traffic I can drive to my website and product page."

Kirsten Spliethof

"This is a ‘Who do you listen to?’ moment. You listen to who has what you want and has been where you are. Manuel started from nothing as a marketer and now runs a multi-million-dollar multinational business...and that’s just one of his businesses."

Corey Allshouse

"Manuel breaks it all down in bite-sized chunks so you can work at your own pace. Highly recommend his program. His expertise and access to our community is worth your investment of time and money."

Leki Sisifa

"This is by far the most comprehensive and advanced Facebook training course - hands down, the best. Manuel really has the students in mind and personally can’t thank him enough for creating this life-changing course!"

Avery Lin

"The attributes of a Master Mentor to me are: Proven experience, expert knowledge and SINCERE care for the success of the students. Manuel has those 3 core attributes in such a deep and amazing quantity!"


"This course has been thoroughly and thoughtfully presented by Manuel. The content is the most detailed and practical I have seen in my professional history so far."

Catherine Fitch

"This course has been thoroughly and thoughtfully presented by Manuel. The content is the most detailed and practical I have seen in my professional history so far. Manuel is also engaging in his presentation so he keeps it exciting. The course will help you formulate a robust marketing plan. Follow it and you will be successful."

Sharon Skonetski

"I have been studying the Facebook Masters course from legendary social media marketing genius, Manuel Suarez. He was and is DRIVEN."

Adam Harrison

"This is Manuel Suárez, an extraordinary On Line Marketing Guru, whom I have the honor of knowing personally. Manuel Suarez is one of the few Facebook Certified professionals on the planet."

Sofia Keramari



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